Behind the music of Digital Open


Music production ∙ Video production ∙ Animation

The music amplifies

During 2021 we produced and livestreamed the project Digital Open. It was viewed by thousands and became a highlight when a gymnastics competition finally were being held after a long break due to the pandemic.

Just as important the music is to a really good Hollywoodfilm, we knew early on that a theme music for both the trailerfilm and the production as a whole would be key to increase the viewer experience.

We took inspiration from the project name Digital Open and translated the words into notes and a melody. That became the leading motive for how the music turned out. At the time of the livestream we had two songs, one for the trailerfilm and one for the livestream. Something we were very proud of.

In the following film Jacob tells the story of how the music came to be and how we went from an idéa to two finished songs.

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