Fimleikasamband Íslands

Fimleikahringurinn 2020


Drone ∙ Video production

A journey through Iceland

The Icelandic gymnastics federation has always worked very hard to increase diversity in gymnastics, and include everyone in the sport. They have had a long going project called "Fimleikar fyrir alla" (Gymnastics for everyone) that aims to to exactly that. For too long the public image of gymnastics had been very centered around womens gymnastics and the Icelandic gymnastics federation wanted to draw more attention to mens gymnastics.

Bucket Media was included in the process early on, and together with our connections in Iceland we started the plan to revive an old event called "Fimleikahringurinn" (The gymnastics cirlce). The event meant bringing the national mens team on a trip around Iceland, hosting gymnastics shows and doing gymnastics in the Icelandic nature. We filmed every part of the trip and put together a documentary that aired on national television in 2021.

Watch the full documentary below.

Every angle matters

Since the conditions for doing gymnastics outside in Iceland is very challenging, with the weather changing every fifteen minutes, is was essential that every jump was filmed properly. We made sure this was not an issue by having plenty of cameras rolling at all times.

One main camera made sure that the storyline for the documentary was captured, and more cameras were distributed among the participants to get different perspectives on every jump made.

From the start, one important part of the project was to capture lots of gymnastics out in the icelandic nature. With landscapes so vast, the drone quickly became one of our most important tools to make the landscapes justice. Most of the time we had two drones in the air to get multiple aerial angles aswell.

Since many of the great locations in Iceland are part of a national park, we made sure to have the proper permissions for flying our drones.

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