Svensk gymnastik

PEAK gymnastics


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A digital educational platform

This education is meant to be used by as many as possible, so we had to make this a website that is easy to use for anyone. It needs to provide a clear overview and make it easy to find just the topics you are interested in.

Regardless of where you are or how much time is on your hands, there is something for you. The topics are meant to make you feel welcome the next time you come back, so that you easily can continue your education.

Many methods for learning

We have shot videos. We have taken photos. We have created animations. We have written code. All of this to make sure the users of the platform will be able to learn in the best way possible. By using a variation of text, videos, podcasts and quizzes we can guarantee that the user will have a good learning process.

In cooperation with the Swedish Gymnastics Federation we made sure the platform was in line with their visual identity to make sure you get the feeling of being on one single safe space wherever you go on the site. The brand is deeply incorporated which means you will never feel lost.

In order to get all perspectives on elite gymnastics we have traveled all around Sweden. Elite gymnasts from around the country participated in our films to share their thoughts and insights from their carreers.

To make as many people as possible feel att home in the material we have made sure to include as many disciplines of gymnastics as possible. Apart from that, experts in diet and physiology have also participated in the material.

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